Face Masks

Are these Face masks medical or N95 masks?

No, These are NON -MEDICAL face coverings but they help capture some droplets that could potentially spread germs.  Here a link to what the Canadian government has to say about this. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/prevention-risks/about-non-medical-masks-face-coverings.html 

Also ****Please follow the guidelines to wearing a reusable mask - wash them - continue to physical distance and wash your hands even when wearing a mask.  We must help stop the spread by following the advice of our health officials! Together we can keep each other safe.


Can I pick up my order instead of pay for shipping? 

Yes, at checkout you can choose Standard Shipping or "Curb-side" Pick up.  There is a pick up box just outside the house on Garlock Rd where your order will be available for pick up at your convenience once you have been notified it is ready. 

Once I have ordered how long does it take for my order to be ready?

There has been a very large demand and each order is placed in the queue in sequence.  Typically 1-2 business days and your order will be ready for pick up or shipping.


Do you ship everyday?


No,  Shipping days are on Tuesday and Friday. We are trying to reduce trips out into public.



Do you have Express shipping? 


Not at this time.  Due to the high volume Canada Post is dealing with they are not guaranteeing delivery times.  If you are in a rush to receive your order we strongly recommend choosing the pick up option, if that is a possibility for you.

How long will my order take to arrive once it has been shipped? 

Very hard to say, Canada Post is handling a very large volume with an increase in Online shopping and the added challenge of reduced man power. Some orders are arriving with normal shipping times, some orders are a few days more than we're used to.  We have gotten some feedback it is taking up to ten days to get across Ottawa. This is an unexpected issue and we thank you for your patience in this matter. 

UPDATE:  Canada Post has now been notifying the public to expect delays for every type of mail at this time.  I have now had feedback that it took from April 20th to May 26th for one of my packages to arrive and that was within the city of Ottawa!!  There have also been several packages that have arrived very quickly, so there is currently no way to predict how quickly your package will be mailed, I am very sorry for this inconvenience but there was no way I could have predicted this issue.

How do I wash my mask?

These masks are made of 100% Cotton, please wash in cold water on gentle cycle with regular detergent and hang to dry.

What is the standard size of your masks?

PLEATED- 7" across X  5" tall once un-pleated

FITTED  8 " across X 5 " tall 

FAN 9" across X 5 1/2 ' tall


Can I order a smaller or larger sizes of the masks?

Yes, Please add your size request in the comments section at checkout. -no extra charge.

Can you add a pocket for a replaceable filter or extra long ties instead of loops around the ears? 

Absolutely,  Please add your request for customization in the comments section at checkout. Also no extra charge.

Can you add my company logo to a mask?

Yes! We need a Digital file of your logo and we will get back to you with a quote within 2 business days.  

Are bulk orders cheaper?

Unfortunately no,  each mask is hand made, one at a time by Caz, it does not take less time or less material for each mask to be made if you order 1 or 100.

Can I make a Bulk order?

Absolutely!  Feel free to contact me at cazartdesign@gmail.com and we can discuss your needs.

What are your masks made of? 

The masks are 2 layers of cotton and thick fabric stabilizer. All materials are bought BRAND NEW, (I do not use ANY recycled material) and all from Canadian suppliers. I am proud to say every penny has stayed in Canada! I am currently using Elastic or Faux suede cord loops for around the ear with pony beads, If you prefer the suede please say so in the comments at checkout.  These can be completely customizable for your comfort.

Will you have more with elastic?

Yes, Elastic is now in! I have both options available but you now MUST request suede cord or you will get elastic. 

How many people are sewing?

ONE, one person is sewing each one of these masks with loving care and attention with the added assembly help of her amazing and loving immediate family. I could not do this without them!! An thank you for supporting a small business that is trying to stay in business during this difficult time!

My favourite fabric is sold out will you get more?

Unfortunately no.  The demand for cotton is extremely high! I buy fun patterns and solid colours when I can but once they are sold out I very likely cannot get more.  Most often my suppliers are sold out of a particular patterns within 24 hours.

Can I order directly from you instead of checking out online?

Yes, You can send a detailed email to cazartdesign@gmail.com describing each item and quantity.  I will confirm your total and I accept e-transfers to christina.zeigler@gmail.com. Sorry I will not be accepting cash during this time. 

I will only accept orders through the online store or email- not through messenger , Instagram or text at this time as it has proven to get complicated and/or lost. 

Can I exchange or return my mask?

No. Consider these in the bathing suit/underwear category. Once they are picked up or mailed they are yours. However you can cancel your order before that time.